Friday, January 15, 2016

Support and Account Security 101

Today I was without Internet service for around 4 hours, I work from home often and had to resort to using my phone to get any work done. This was not easy and was hugely frustrating. Luckily this didn't happen on a Monday! I initially thought this was a service issue with COX (who are usually pretty good), but just discovered it was because someone was allowed to walk in and put his name on my account, an account I have had with COX for about 10 years. We rent our home, it's part of a duplex and was recently sold. We've had some issues with utilities being shut off on us due to a lack of coordination between the previous owner and the new ones. It's been frustrating but they have done their best to resolve the issues as quickly as possible. In a gesture of goodwill their decided to take over all of the utilities and pay for them for us and the other tenant before we move in the coming weeks. A very nice gesture and something they did not have to do, after all we're moving. The problem with this is they we able to walk into a local COX office and take over my account, change the name on it without my consent. I've been working customer support in various roles including training and managing support Reps for 15 years, and there is no way you make changes to someone else's account like this. I could tell when I spoke to the phone support Rep that she knew someone messed up big time. She was very helpful and got me back online quickly, and as this wasn't her mistake I stayed calm and did not vent at her. But I'm honestly bewildered that this could happen. In a week or two when we move into our new home I guess we'll have the chance to start over from scratch and reconsider our options.

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