Saturday, November 22, 2014

That's cooking with fire!

So my Amazon Fire TV Stick arrived today (2 days early), and after a quick software update and set up I'm totally stoked about this purchase! The setup was extremely easy and after the introduction video it I was greeted by a simple and easy to navigate menu. After discovering this morning that it's possible to install the new XBMC (KODI) Android App on the Fire TV Stick, I plan to replace both my PS3 and Raspberry Pi. The UI is nice and responsive but what really put me over the top was the mobile App! After installing the App on my Android phone I discovered I could swipe to navigate the UI on the TV and do voice search! Too freaking cool. I plan to post updates on my experience with the Fire TV Stick as time goes on, and if the first few minutes are any indication it's mostly going to be positive.

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