Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The problem with the OUYA is...

...there is simply too much choice in games to try, I spend the first 10 minutes figuring out where to start.  

I grew up playing video games in arcades mostly, the classic Space Invaders, Defender, 1942 and Raiden is where most of my 20c pieces went.  No one I knew had a gaming console until the Playstation 1 came out and I was in my early 20s.  I flatted (shared a house), with some other guys who also worked in Radio, one of them was a DJ and managed to score a PS1 and games to review on his show.... so of course we helped him demo the games each month.  

This pretty much left me a casual gamer by nature, even once I owned a PS 1 and later PS 2 of my own.  Platformers like Spyro, Crash Bandicoot and Ratchet & Clank are my favorites, followed closely by bullet hell shooters.  

The frustration started to set in though, games weren't cheap and you couldn't really try them out and see if you liked them before parting with $30+  Sure I could go down to a game store and fight off some 10 year olds so I could demo the game on display... actually no, no I couldn't. This frustration led to me purchasing less games and holding out for franchises I knew I liked, which sometimes resulted in disappointment (Spyro).  I spent less time playing fun games and more time putting up with crap TV.  

And then along came OUYA.

This $99.00 Rubik Cube sized gaming console was my first endeavour into the World of Kickstarters (I'm not typically an early adopter), but after reading their spiel and watching the video I knew it was for me.  

At this very moment I'm downloading The Cave, a very promising looking game from an established developer. The game is 1.2 GB in size, rather large for the OUYA, but with the recent addition of support for external storage I am able to install it to a spare laptop hard drive I have connected via USB.

Not too shabby for an "Android phone that can't even make calls."

Game on!

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